Area of professional expertise

Since its foundation in 2002 Investorium has carried out about fifty assignments related to strategy, market entries, investment feasibility studies, M&A, Greenfield and investment project management for local and international clients in various industry sectors in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states and Finland

Our basic approach is exclusivity of solutions we design to solve non-standard issues: there are no ‘typical’ issues we work on, there are no routine solutions we offer our Clients to manage the issue, and - this is the key to success - quality of the delivery is our imperative

First of all, it is about strategic planning - this is the basis for everything. If you do not understand what, why, and how you should deliver, you can hardly look for success. Secondly, it is about processes - their effectiveness should be at its maximum, more effective than your Client’s otherwise you have nothing to offer, more effective than your competitor’s otherwise you will be squeezed out from the market. And after all it is about delivery - whatever it is a large-scale investment or local project - you should always act with the best possible quality