Sergey Podobny

Sergey Podobny, Investorium founder and Managing partner, has got his education in Saint-Petersburg State University (linguistics), International Management Institute of Saint-Petersburg (MBA) and International Banking Institute of Saint-Petersburg (Arbitration and bankruptcy management), with specialized training in Gemini University, Princeton, US (CapGemini in-house University) and Fuqua School of Business of Duke University, Durham, US (branch in Saint-Petersburg)

Prior to Investorium Sergey worked in SIAR-Bossard/CapGemini and was involved in market entries and investment projects management for Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH), Fazer Bakeries, Nokian Tyres and others international, mainly industrial, investors under management of Anton Artemiev (2005-2011 - President of Baltika Brewery, St.-Petersburg, Russia)

I have come to this business consciously and have chosen it from several other alternatives already more than ten years ago. I was looking for opportunities to be engaged in investment related projects, something sizeable, dynamic and interesting - quite typical youthful ambitions. And I was able to make those come to life in SIAR-Bossard  which was engaged in market entry strategies development and implementation for foreign investors in Russia

from interview with Sergey Podobny,
Managing partner, Investorium