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Investorium [ i n v e s t ó r i u m ] – strategy, investment and M&A services

Investorium is an independent strategy, investment and M&A services provider specializing in business development and investment management in Russia and neighboring states. Investorium core expertise is investment project management and M&A transactions delivered on a turn-key basis - from the very start, when an investment idea is just conceived, and up to its practical embodiment, typically including key blocks as strategy and investment planning, feasibility studies and financial modeling, project teams set-up and management.

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A systematic and integrated approach

First of all, it is about planning as the basis for everything that follows. If you do not understand what, why and how you deliver, you can hardly expect success. Secondly, it is about processes. Your processes should be far better than those of your Clients’; otherwise, you have nothing to offer them. Yours must be superior to those of your competition; otherwise, you will be squeezed out. And, lastly, it is all about implementation. Whether it is a large-scale complex investment or a local private project that you are working on, you must always perform with the best quality possible.

Selected projects and transactions

Investorium’s toolkit has been tested by years of successful delivery of investment projects and M&A transactions in key industry sectors of the real economy - Oil & Gas, Energy & Infra, Engineering, Industrial Development and Commercial Real Estate, Food & FMCG, Industrial production.

2020 Oil and gas fields acquisition risks analysis (Buy-side M&A) private investors, Russia See more 2014 - 2015 Assessment of a production assets pool development (Feasibility studies) GazpromTeploenergo, Russia See more 2014 Analysis of risks involved in an acquiring оf a CRE asset (Buy-side M&A) a subsidiary of Gazprom, Russia See more 2010 - 2014 Investor relations management for a CRE developer (Interim) Okhta Group, Russia See more 2011 A feasibility study of heavy agricultural vehicles production a subsidiary of Energia Aerospace Corporation, Russia See more 2010 - 2011 Sale of an industrial production business to a strategic investor (Sell-side M&A) private investor, Russia See more 2008 - 2009 Managing a mix-use CRE development project (Interim) SRV Group, Finland See more 2006 - 2008 Assessing feasibility of investment in power generation and exports State-owned energy monopoly, Baltic States See more 2006 - 2008 Designing a strategic partnership and doing DD of multiple acquisition targets (Buy-side M&A) Paroc Group, Finland See more 2006 - 2007 Forming a strategic vision: the future of the United Energy System of Russia RAO UES (United Energy System) of Russia See more 2006 - 2007 Search and analysis of acquisition targets in Russia (Buy-side M&A) AF-Enprima, Sweden See more 2005 Acquisition of an engineering business in the EC (Buy-side M&A) private investors, Russia See more 2004 - 2005 Reorganizing a group of design engineering companies (Interim management) North-West Engineering Centre of RAO UES of Russia See more 2004 A feasibility study of a major infrastructure project (a heating main) StroyTransGaz, Russia See more 2003 - 2004 A mid-term strategy development for a power generation company Kirishi CHPP, Russia See more