M&A services


Most of the market entry assignments delivered by Investorium for its international Clients have been Strategy and M&A ones. The profound knowledge of local markets on par with proven expertise in investment project management and M&A services helps us to facilitate transactions that ensure value-added investment and minimize post-merger integration risks.

Investorium has many years of experience in M&A projects management, both on the Buyer’s (strategic investor) side and on the Seller’s (business owner) side and offers a comprehensive and effective toolkit for structuring M&A transactions and maximizing benefits and synergies for our Clients, whether it is an Investor or a business Owner.

Key service offerings

Acquisition of a local business is a key to a quick market entry allowing you to instantly build or grow your presence in a particular country or geography, as well as gain strategic advantage over rival buyers and investors. Investorium provides a full range of M&A related services on the Buyer's side – market and industry review, acquisition targets search and analysis, approach and negotiations support, financial and legal Due Diligence, deal structuring and closure.

At the same time, there are a lot of complexities inherent in the acquisition process, and a transaction may fail if such complexities are not dealt with. We should also take care of the transition period after the transaction, when the post-merger integration of the acquired and existing business is in focus, to ensure synergetic and non-destructive effect from the acquisition.

Selling business may be the most time-to-market solution when it is predetermined by changing business environments, whether caused by particular market cycles, or an overall economic downturn or a change of the political landscape. Investorium offers a full range of Sell-side M&A services providing the business owner with a backup on how to ‘wrap up’ and prepare business for sale, identify and take in potential strategic buyers or financial investors, set up a virtual tender and manage the deal up to its closure, maximizing the Seller’s gains from the business sale.

A typical Sell-side M&A process includes a business analysis and valuation, the preparation of an Information Memorandum, the long-listing of potential buyers and investors, investor Due Diligence and negotiations support, deal structuring and closure on a turn-key basis. Whenever necessary, we can rely on help from our international M&A network and contacts in order to bring in potential buyers/investors from other geographies, which may be critical for an industrial business or a specialized asset sale.

By combining the local partner’s strength with the international span and technological advantages of the foreign partner, a strategic partnership helps to make up for the lack of local resources, creates a synergetic effect for all the parties involved, and brings a joint business to a higher level of competitiveness. Strategic partnerships have an advantage wherever and whenever international expertise can be reinforced by local partners’ capabilities, which is especially important for large-scale investments in strategic sectors of the real economy like Oil & Gas, Energy & Infra and other related industries.

Investorium was involved in a number of major strategic partnership developments, where our Clients had an opportunity to leverage their global position by joining forces with a strong local player and building up a better position in the local market. We help our international Clients to identify a fitting local partner (and vice versa - a fitting foreign partner for our local Clients) and to carve out the advantages of a strategic alliance over a stand-alone position.

Our approach and methodology

We offer a full range of M&A related services on a turn-key basis, where the Client is just to formulate the business idea, whether it is a market entry via acquisition, a search for an Investor or strategic Buyer for an existing local operation or asset, or a need for a strong local Partner to team up with for a major industrial or infrastructure investment.

  • Step 1
    Business analysis and company valuation
    • Company and business analysis, market and industry review 
    • Financial calculations and business valuation
    • Investor pack (Information Memorandum, investment teaser and related docs)
  • Step 2
    Investors’ long list, contacts and NDAs
    • Potential investors/ buyers search and long-listing
    • Long-listed investors’ initial contacts with an investment teaser
    • Signing Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • Step 3
    Investors’ short list and Letter(s) of Intents
    • Submitting Information Memorandum to those investors who signed NDA
    • Information exchange, investors visits and negotiations
    • Signing Letter(s) of Intent with the interested investor(s)
  • Step 4
    Due Diligence, deal structuring and SPA
    • Business Due Diligence from the investor(s) side
    • Deal structuring and legal framework preparation
    • Final check and approvals
    • Closing the deal based on SPA, investment contract or JV agreement

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