Reorganizing a group of design engineering companies (Interim)

Competence area: Strategy, M&A services

Industry/sector: energy / design engineering

Year of completion: 2004 - 2005

Client: North-West Engineering Centre of RAO UES


Project background:

In the process of reforming the energy industry, RAO UES of Russia, a state-owned energy monopoly, instructed all of its business units to reorganize their business by dividing it into monopolistic and competitive sectors with the view to attracting private capital and strategic investors to the companies of the competitive sector. Within the framework of the project, Investorium was entrusted with the responsibility for reorganizing a group of RAO UES’ design engineering companies in the North-Western region of Russia.

Scope of work:

To the above end, Sergey Podobny, Investorium’s Managing Partner, was appointed Deputy General Manager of the North-West Engineering Centre RAO UES of Russia. Charged with the responsibility for strategy development, business reorganization and investment project management, Sergey participated in developing a reorganization model for the group of five design engineering companies by merging them into one entity and subsequently separating the design engineering business from the real estate management.
Additionally, within the project framework, Sergey was part of the working group developing a reorganization model for all the design engineering business of RAO UES of Russia at the level of the Business Unit ‘Service’ which supervised the reorganization of this sector on a national scale.


This is a classic example of an interim management assignment when a company hires an outside expert to perform a business task, which is not typical of the company’s day-to-day activity, thus making it possible to achieve this task without changing the company’s management structure and diverting its resources. The work resulted in the establishing of a single specialized multidisciplinary company on the basis of separate design and engineering companies operating in the North-Western Federal region of Russia. As was initially planned, the company was further transferred to a strategic investor.

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