Investor relations management for a CRE developer (Interim)

Competence area: Investment, M&A services

Industry/sector: Construction & Development

Year of completion: 2012 - 2014

Client: Okhta Group, Russia


Project background:

The Client is a leading private developer in St. Petersburg with multiple investment projects ranging from complex urban development to hotel renovations. At the time of the project, the Client’s project portfolio included the construction of a twenty-hectare mix-use development project in the centre of Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia, with a total area of 150,000m2 of residential and commercial space, a hotel renovation project, and the construction of an elite housing complex near Nevskaya Ratusha government office facility in St. Petersburg.

Scope of work:

Given the experience of successful cooperation in the past (the sale of a production asset), Sergey Podobny, Investorium's Managing Partner, was invited to join the Client company as Investment Director with the responsibility for streamlining investor relations with regard to the above mentioned CRE projects. Inter alia, Sergey was responsible for identifying target groups of potential investors and maintaining liaison with individual investors, drawing up investment proposals and information memoranda, organizing investor meetings, site visits and negotiations.

On the corporate level, Sergey, as the Investment Director in cooperation with the Client's finance, analytical and legal departments, streamlined the investor relations framework, this framework including preparing investment calculations, compiling systematic analytical market reports and monitoring the progress of similar projects carried out by other developers, devising methods for attracting funding, providing reports on the progress of investment projects to co-investors and the Client’s partners, and in-house reporting on the status of projects to the Client company’s top management and shareholders.


This Interim management project led to the improvement of the investor relations function within the Client’s organization, which made it considerably easier for the Client to effectively manage its diversified portfolio of CRE projects with regard to investor search and relations.

Media coverage:

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